Ranking Factors on Google: The Ultimate Factors You Must Never Ignore!

Ranking Factors

Most website owners always wonder why their self-hosted WordPress blogs are not ranking. Well, what you must know today is that there are many ranking factors on Google. Implementing one of them or just a few may cause your site not to rank well. What’s the secret, then? Implementing all of them (if possible) is … Read more

Step By Step Guide On How To Create A Free WordPress Website

Free WordPress Blog

Maybe you’re just starting your freelance career. Or, you’ve been in this industry for long. However, it has been hard for you to launch a website to showcase your skills and portfolio online. Saving the cash for hosting and the domain name has been a challenge. Well, you can create a free WordPress website.


Yes, you can own a website without paying any hosting fee.

This article provides a simple step-by-step guide on how to create a WordPress website.

You create a WordPress Website for beginners by picking a free or paid site. To elaborate, you make a WordPress site in 5 easy steps by adding the domain name, naming the site plus logo inclusion, adding pages, confirming your address, and publishing posts. The best WordPress theme is Twenty Twenty.

How Do I Create a WordPress Website for Beginners?

As a beginner, some aspects influence your decisions when jumping into something. The same applies here. So, before creating a WordPress website, you should understand some things as discussed below.

  • You need to have a subdomain of WordPress. That means that your blog site address will have a wordpress.com as part of its extension instead of .com or .ke. For instance, “petcorner.wordpress.com” in place of “petcorner.com.”
  • You will have less customization and control over what you can do on your website.
  • WordPress will feature Ads on your site, but you will not receive any compensation.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot upload new plugins or monetize your blog!
  • You can import content from a blogger or other CMS.
  • You can move your content to a WordPress.org website without losing your current traffic.

With this in your mind, let’s now dive in.

How Do You Make a WordPress Site in 5 Easy Steps?

The first step on how to create a free WordPress website is signing up on WordPress.com. To do this, you need to visit http://wordpress.com, then click the “Get started” icon.

Get started icon : create a free WordPress website

Next, wait for redirection to the signup page. Once there, fill the signup form with relevant details, including: 

  • The email address you wish to use
  • Your password

Tip: Save the details somewhere in case your memory erases them.

When done, click the “create your account” icon.

Free 2

If you wish, you can also create using a Gmail account. With that, click, “continue with Google” button.

I would, however, go for the former option instead of the latter.

Enter the Domain Name of the Free website You Want To Create

When you click the create account button, a new page asks you to enter the domain name of the site you wish to create.

Free 3

Many trainees get confused when they get to this point. While various options ask you to pay for the domain, it doesn’t mean you have to pick that option. Right?

So, once you enter the domain name you wish to use, look around for the “Free” option.

Hint: Let the domain name hint to your readers, followers, and potential buyers what your site is all about. Here’s what I am saying. If the site deals with, for example, healthmatters, it would not make sense to have “marypeterwriter” domain name. This domain name is good if you want to market yourself as a writer and probably, share tactics of becoming a top-notch writer.

A domain name like “yourhealthmatters” is suitable for a health niche site. So, get things right when selecting the domain name.

Then, click on “Select. “

Well, what pops up next is another screenshot asking you the hosting plan you wish to choose. Or if you want the free option. We are sure we need the free one. Therefore, not unless you want to start a self-hosted site, click on the “start with a free site” option.

Before we work on anything else, let’s choose a theme for our site. You can use any theme, but I suggest you use the Twenty Twenty Theme. Another theme that I have come to love is the Generate Press. A good one! This is the theme I am using for nearly all my sites. But for now, let’s use the Twenty Twenty theme. 

Let’s head to the “themes” option.


Search for the Twenty Twenty Theme and click on it. Go ahead and “Activate” it.

We are now good to get started. Here’s where the actual task is when you want to create a free WordPress website.

Click on the “get started” option so as to create the pages we need and add all the other necessary information.

Get started

Name Your Site, Add logo, Site Title, and Tagline

The next step is naming your site. Therefore, click on the “Name your site” option and give it a name.

Name your site

In the following dialogue box, add the site title, logo, tagline, and every other detail as guided below.

For the site title, retain what you had, “Wellnessstrategies.” The tagline is the word or phrase that people can use to tag the site.

site title

A logo is a symbol used to identify your site. It must be unique to avoid getting accused of plagiarism.

It is not a must you add a logo, though. But we need to do everything professionally, right? So, just come up with something simple and add it there.

Remember, a logo ought to be small in size to fit in the area provided.

Once you click the logo option, you will be asked to confirm if you really want to leave that page. If you do, the changes you have made will not get saved. No trouble, just proceed with the logo. We can always come back to this page later once we are through with the logo.

Thus, this is where you will get redirected to:

select logo

I believe you have already created a logo. Once done, save it. 

Next, click on the “Select logo” option.

I have added the logo. This is what you should see if you have added it.

I would recommend you don’t check the “Display Site Title and Tagline” box. Since it is automatically checked, uncheck it.

Then save the changes. The saving option is above the logo, not below.

Afterward, click on the “X” to close that pop-up you are seeing.

You will get redirected to the “Update your Homepage” page. Click on the “Edit Homepage” option.

Again, you will get redirected to another page and see a “Welcome to your website” pop-up. Click on “Next.” Another pop-up, “Add or edit Your Content,” will appear.

Again, click ‘Next“.

Still, another pop-up, “Preview your site as you go. “ Click “Get started. “

This is what you should see.

New site

Once you scroll down, you will see around three ‘Example Posts’ drop-downs. Every time you create a free WordPress website, you will see these samples. We will delete them and add our content.

Example Post

You can choose to delete them first or later.

For us, we will work on that later.

Add Pages

So, right now, let’s head to the “Block Editor SideBar“; icon shown below.

On clicking that icon, a drop-down appears. Click on “All Pages” to add the pages you wish. You can have various pages, such as Home Page, About Us page, Blog Page, and Contact Page.

You may have more pages if you wish, according to what you wish to have there.

In our case, we will only add “Blog,” “About Us,” Contact Us,” and “Home” Pages. Therefore, click on “All Pages.”

You should be able to see all four pages.

a. About Us page

We will start with the “About Us” page.

I believe you already have content for this. I suggest you have around 300 words. Tell the world about yourself, including:

  • Why you started the site
  • What they should expect from you
  • Why should they follow you, and the like

Click on the “About” option to add the content.

You will find content there. Delete it and add yours. Also, there will be an option for adding your profile photo. I suggest you get one that makes you look like a professional. Don’t include a “busy” background. But, what is a busy background?

This is a background with buildings, vehicles, trees, playing children, and the like!

Have a plain background like what we have in the sample profile photo (in the screenshot below). Nonetheless, don’t add a black and white photo. Let it be a colored profile photo. A smile won’t do you any harm. In contrast, it makes your readers feel “at home”!

Create free a WordPress website

Click on the “Replace” option to change the profile photo. Once all is in order, save the changes.

Next, click on “Update. “

b. Contact Us Page

Head back to the block editor sidebar and click on the “Blog” option. It is time to work on the contact us page; click on that option.

You will get notified that the changes you made might not be lost. Fret not; there are no unsaved changes (if you updated the previous changes). Therefore, proceed.

On the “Contact Us” page, don’t have too much content. Something brief like:

“Is there any way we could help you?

No trouble, just get in touch using the form below. Alternatively, you could use our social media handle.

What are you waiting for? Somebody is waiting to help you!”


Don’t copy exactly what I have here. That is plagiarism, and Google will soon be on your neck! 🙂

Next, add an image with some social media icons.

Create free a WordPress website

As you can see, I have added the image and links to my social media accounts. Plus, the link to my free site (homepage), wellnessstrategies.

You may now click on “Update” to save the changes. Head on to the “Homepage” and replace the image as we did on the “blog” page.

As per our site, we are done updating our pages. If, however, you want to add more pages, click on the “Add new page” option.

Create free a WordPress website

If you do not intend to add another page, pick the “Blog” option.

Before we delete the “Example Posts,” let’s replace the image we have there.

I recommend you have an image relating to your blog’s content.

For instance, if you are a diet blogger, look for a balanced diet image.

Click the “replace” option to add a new image. Have a catchy, large image that fits well. I would also suggest you add content on that home page. Like the “About Us” page, add about 300 words on this page.

Here, you could talk about the niche/products you will be offering on the site. Also, encourage your visitors to explore your site further for more information.

Once done, click on “Update” changes.

Congratulations! Start publishing the content. How do I go about this? You ask!

Let me guide you, but before that, we should launch the site.

Confirm Your Email Address and Launch the Site 

To post on your free WordPress site, you must verify your website by confirming your email address. This action confirms that you’re a human being and not a robot. So, head on to your inbox – of the email you used to sign up – and click the link to activate your blog successfully.

Create free a WordPress website

Now click on the block editor sidebar again. Select “All pages.” Proceed and click on the “My Site” option.

Create free a WordPress website

Before proceeding, we need to launch the site. The world doesn’t know we have a site yet.

Therefore, click on the “Coming Soon” option.

Create free a WordPress website

On the page that pops up, click on “Launch Site.” You will be requested to enter the address you wish to use.

We don’t need that now. So, click on the “Skip purchase” option.

On the new page that pops up, click “continue to my free site“ to launch the site.

Publish Your First Post

On the drop-down that appears, click on “site” then “posts.

Create free a WordPress website

When you create a free WordPress blog, you will see the ‘Example Posts”. Delete them.

Create free a WordPress website

Now, click on the “Add Post” option to start publishing.

How do I do this? 

Copy your content from Microsoft Word and paste it here. As a professional writer, I believe you have proofread, corrected all grammatical errors, and eliminated any plagiarism.

Now format the content the same way you published on ThriveGlobal, LinkedIn, or Medium (if you are my trainee). Remember to add links, images, and the featured image on every post you want to publish.

That is it!

You now have your free website.

Create a self-hosted site once you are stable and sure of the niche you want to stick to. Remember, the primary purpose of creating this site is to ensure that your readers see your proficiency and hire you, right?

Ensure you do optimum customization after creating a fantastic article.

Also, ensure that you add links with high domain authority as well as high-quality images.


Here’s a step-by-step Guide on how to publish and optimize your post(s) so that it looks professional.

Even so, don’t be deceived. A free website cannot give you some clients.

A self-hosted will!! Therefore, when you are financially able, go for a self-hosted site.

What Is the Best WordPress Theme?

The best theme to use is the Twenty Twenty Theme. This theme is easy to use and makes your website appear elegant. Nevertheless, there are other superb themes like Astra, and Divi that are ideal for many functions.

Let’s look at these three themes a bit more.

Twenty Twenty: The Best WordPress Theme

This is one of the most popular themes in the market today. This theme is the latest theme by WordPress built as an upgrade of Chaplin. Its primary purpose is to make websites fast loading with minimal coding.

Additionally, this theme comes with an intuitive drag-and-drop page builder, which allows you to create beautiful pages without any knowledge of HTML or CSS. You can also customize its appearance using various plugins.

Astra: A Powerful, Fast-Loading Theme

If you want something different from what Twenty Twenty offers, then Astra might be what you need. With Astra, you get all the features of a professional theme plus some extra ones as well. For example, you will find a powerful visual editor that lets you easily edit images, videos, text, and more.

Moreover, you have access to tons of prebuilt layouts, so you don’t even need to build them yourself. Also, Astra supports WooCommerce, Jetpack, Google Fonts, and more.

Divi: A Responsive, Multi-Purpose Website Builder

Another great option if you prefer building your site rather than buying a readymade template is Divi. If you do not know how to code HTML or CSS, this theme is perfect. It provides everything you need to start creating stunning sites right away.

Additionally, its built-in visual editor helps you design anything you wish.

Plus, you can add unlimited sections, columns, rows, sliders, galleries, buttons, widgets, shortcodes, and more. All you need to do is select the elements you would like to include and click the “Add Element” button. Then simply place them where you desire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Design a Website for Free?

You can design a website for free but expect lesser features and customizability. Consider using an online service like WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix that allows you to create your site without knowing HTML code.

These services offer templates and themes, so you don’t have to start from scratch when designing your new site.

Can I Make a WordPress Website Without Hosting?

You can make a WordPress website without hosting it, although a free website will not be as good as a self-hosted one. If you are looking for a simple way to create a blog, this is probably the best option available.

However, a self-hosted website provides more flexibility and allows you to monetize your content. Besides, a self-hosted site makes clients see that you’re an established writer; thus, they’ll want to hire you. 

Does WordPress Require Coding?

WordPress does not require coding; thus, making things simple when creating a website. In fact, most WordPress users are novices when it comes to coding language.

So, whether you are a beginner or pro, getting your WordPress website running takes little effort.

Is WordPress Free or Not?

WordPress is free, but there are also four paid options. The most affordable paid option is the “Personal” website followed by “Premium,” “Business,” and “eCommerce” in order.

The more you spend, the more features you have. If you aim towards owning a high authority site, paid options allow you to earn from the engagement your website attracts.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, this step-by-step guide on how to create a free WordPress website is simple. You can do it all by yourself. Besides, you can see that there is no coding or extra skills needed to create your free blog.

You, therefore, have no reasons for not owning a free WordPress blog.

Apart from this, your free WordPress site is a stepping stone to owning a self-hosted website. When your budget allows you to cater for hosting costs, you can comfortably host the site.

The good thing is that you will not lose your traffic or following. Hence, you won’t build your site from scratch again.

Would you like any assistance in creating a free or self-hosted blog? Feel free to contact me so that we discuss further.


PayPal to Equity: 11 Easy Steps to Withdrawing Your Money (In Just 3 Days!)

PayPal to Equity in 3 days

Picture this: You’ve just received your first paycheck via PayPal. You are so ecstatic to see the dollars on your screen. And you can’t wait to spend your money. But there’s one thing you may be forgetting: do you know how to withdraw money from PayPal to your Equity Bank account?

Though PayPal offers a seamless experience to withdrawing funds in Kenya, few have a firm grasp of the process.

Lucky for you, this post provides the needful steps to make withdrawing your money from PayPal to Equity a cakewalk.

Before we proceed, here are a few reminders:

  • To receive payments online, it’s of paramount importance to verify your PayPal account.
  • You can withdraw funds as little as 1% from your PayPal.
  • You can withdraw funds from PayPal to Equity in Euros, Great Britain Pounds, U.S. Dollars or Kenyan Shillings – in just 3 business days.

That said, let’s get started.

Ready? Great!

#Visit the Equity Bank Self-Service Portal to Register

Self-service portal by Equity (PayPal to Equity)

Now, to get started on the withdrawal process, visit the Equity Bank Self Service portal. This is the first step you’ll need to undertake to withdraw funds directly into your Equity Bank account.

#Verify Your Private Details

Fill in the details paypal to equityNext, input your relevant and correct details in the fields marked with a red asterisk (*). Areas not marked are optional and not necessary to fill in the required details.

However, you MUST make sure your PayPal email matches your Equity Bank account email address.

#Create a Solid Password

enter equity password to withdraw from equity to paypal

To secure both your bank account and PayPal account transactions, it is needful to create a strong password. How to do this? If you are on Chrome browser, you’ll notice Google automatically creates a strong password for its users.

Nevertheless, you may opt-in on this option or create your own password with the usual 8 characters or more inclusive of special characters, numbers, and capital letters. It’s your choice.

Then click, “Next”.

#Terms And Conditions – Read And Accept!

Paypal to equity terms and conditions

Let’s be honest! This step is a no-brainer. You see, people hardly read the terms and conditions anyway. But you’re at liberty to read the information provided before you agree to the terms.

#Enter the OTP (One-Time Password)

Complete Registration for PayPal to Equity

For Equity Bank to deem your registration complete, you’ll have to enter your one-time password. The OTP comes in the form of a text message on the number you provided when registering for the service.

#Registration Successful. Please Login!

Login to PayPal to Equity

Your registration is successful and your profile created. This is just a prelude to the good part, which involves linking your Equity Bank account to your PayPal account. So, login to proceed.

#Link Your Equity Bank and PayPal Account

Link your PayPal to Equity

Once successfully logged in, the next step involves linking your existing account – or a new account –to your PayPal account.

Do you have an existing account? Then, enter your [current] account number and click “START”. If not, dial *247# from your phone to open an account instantly within Kenya.

On the other hand, click here to open your account if you’re outside Kenya

#Once Again, Enter OTP and Verify Account

enter OTP To withdraw from PayPal to Equity

Successfully linked PayPal to Equity

And voila! Your PayPal account is now linked to Equity’s bank account. You can proceed to use Equity Bank services.

#Link Existing Account

Select PayPal to Equity bank

For this step, you need to enter relevant PayPal verification details and select the bank account you want to link to. This process is simple if you follow the details correctly.

Enter your email address, select bank account to link to, accept T&Cs, and then link your PayPal account.

#Grant PayPal Full Authorization

PayPal to Equity

By clicking the “Authorize” button, you are granting Equity Bank permission to carry out the permissions highlighted in the [red] box.

Please note: These permissions allow you to check your PayPal balance via Equity’s Banking system. They also allow withdrawing of funds from the same banking system, too.

To put it in another way, they eliminate the need to log into your PayPal account.

#Congratulations! Withdrawing Your Money Is Now Easier

select PayPal to Equity Account

Once your PayPal account has been successfully linked to your bank account, withdrawing funds from PayPal to Equity couldn’t be easier. You just need to follow the steps as provided in the screenshot.

  • On the top menu bar, click “Withdraw Service”
  • Fill in the details
  • Click “Accept”

And that’s it!

Nonetheless, you’ll get a confirmation message of your funds’ withdrawal both on your email and the banking systems dialogue box. After 3 business days, your bank account will then be credited.

You can as well read: 9 Simple and Proven Ways To Earn Online


There you have it! A step-by-step process on how to withdraw your PayPal funds to Equity Bank account in Kenya.

This is the official withdrawal process the bank provides on its self-service portal. Is the withdrawing process secure enough? I’m glad you asked.

Equity Bank has harnessed its security on the process by employing the use of high-tech defense technology. It further heightens its security through the use of multiple OTPs.

However, if you encounter problems while withdrawing your money, call Equity Bank or PayPal customer support for assistance.

Affiliate Marketing: The Amazing Way to Make Passive Income

Affiliate Marketing Passive income

Disclaimer: There are some affiliate links we added on this affiliate marketing article. Buying a product using on any of them makes us earn cash (commission) from Amazon.

My greatest desire as a freelance writer is to continuously make money regardless of being asleep or awake. I mean; I want to make money when I’m sleeping, driving, praying, exercising, preaching, and the like. That’s what passive income is all about. One of the ways to make passive income is through affiliate marketing.

So, what is affiliate marketing? This involves making sales or leading traffic to an online retail shop.  It is that simple.  But no, it is not easy as some make it look or sound. More on that later. So, how do you earn from affiliate marketing? Every time somebody buys a product through your affiliate link, you receive a commission.

A Few Processes Are Involved In Making Affiliate Marketing a Success

Firstly, there is a merchant who is also called the retailer. He gives the affiliate a unique code that helps him to promote the product(s). The affiliate writes product reviews so that he can be in a position to add his unique link. Once the post is live, any interested buyer will click on the affiliate link to buy the product. They will definitely accept the cookies and make a purchase.

Learn how to write product reviews like a pro

What’s the purpose of cookies in affiliate marketing?

You see, a client may have seen the product, liked it but doesn’t buy it at that time. However, as long as he has accepted the cookies, a unique ID will automatically be given to him through those cookies.  Nonetheless, it is good to note that cookies have a predefined lifespan which can be anywhere from 60 days.

Moving on to the processes involved to making affiliate marketing successful, once a purchase has been made, the retailer checks for the unique affiliate ID on the cookies to know who is the affiliate behind that sale. Automatically, he credits the concerned affiliate with the sale.

That way, as an affiliate, you receive your commission depending on how much you are supposed to earn for that product.

Affiliate Marketing ProcessesSo, is affiliate marketing worth your time, energy and resources? Let me share some of the benefits that come from this online business then you can judge for yourself if it is worth venturing into it or not.

The Benefits That Come With Affiliate Marketing

It Is Easy To Get Started

Yes, it is so easy to get started. And it is 100% free to join the affiliate world by signing up. All you need is a dashboard which you get after signing up for an Amazon associate account. Well, you must not be an Amazon associate. You can as well be an affiliate of:

However, I chose Amazon because (to me), they are the best.

Nonetheless, it is highly advisable that you have a disclosure statement on any page you have an affiliate link.


It is a requirement by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Again, it saves you lots of trouble just in case there is an issue with the product you are promoting.

No Limits On Income

No limits on your monthly income! Yes, you heard me right. You can earn as much as you want. Actually, I wouldn’t be wrong to say that you are the sole determinant of how much passive income you can make.

Yes, you determine, though indirectly. Why? Just as I said, if you have some great tactics of leading more traffic your way and convince many people to buy your product, no doubt, there will be great rewards.

Actually, with a traffic of like say 500 daily visitors, chances of making lots of money will be high. But again, you can make zero income if you don’t do things the right way. So, learn how to do affiliate marketing the right way to earn good passive income from it.

One Offer Can Cause An Increase In Traffic

Giving offers all the time on every product you are selling at times may lead to lower profits if not losses.

Passive income offerThat being said, you need to be wise when trying to drive traffic to your site. For example, you can sell many products but give an offer on only one product.

However, it would be wise to give an offer on the product you know people love most. If for example, it is an eBook, give an offer on an eBook that is giving solutions for issues people have been struggling with.

Such an offer can cause a lot of traffic on your site and increase your passive income.

With Good Reputation, You Get More Trust From Buyers

Let me be sincere with you. Any business is always easier to start if you have a good name out there. Trust will make people believe your words and click any links you ask them to click; follow people you tell them to follow, and buy products you tell them are good.

Yes, they will even disconnect with people you tell them are not worth their time. I have seen it, and I know trust is worth a lot.

Let me show you a good example.

When I started offering an online course (article writing), many people did not know me and only those who were willing to take risk joined my online course.

Nevertheless, when my mentor/trainer, Walter Akolo of freelancer Kenya, published my testimony, many people started reaching out to me in huge numbers. It was now easy for many people to trust my services.

On the other hand, those who took the risk and realized that my course was excellent; gave me a five-star review that also increased trust from people who were hesitant to join my online course.

Testimonial affiliate marketing image

As a result, I was able to boost my passive income through online article writing course.

You Don’t Need To Have A Blog To Get Started

I have said that you need to write content so that you can add your affiliate link to it. That is true, but you don’t have to start a self-hosted WordPress blog for you to do affiliate marketing. I know several people who do not have a blog/website yet they are making passive income through affiliate marketing.

You may use a landing page to promote and sell your products. If you do not know how to create a landing page, this link will definitely be of help to you. If, on the other hand, you love videos more than text, here is a video that will help you create an excellent landing page.

You may also choose to use social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to do affiliate marketing. Nevertheless, not all programs will allow you to use some social media platforms. Some will restrict you.

Plus, some sites will require you have around 500 followers to use social media to promote products. You should, therefore, know the set rules and regulations before you decide on which method to use so as to promote your products.

Tips to Help Increase Passive Income through Affiliate Marketing

Research On The Most Profitable Niche

The first thing to do should be finding a profitable affiliate marketing niche. This lowers the chances of starting and failing and makes it possible to succeed soon after venturing into this online business.

Let’s agree here. No one chooses to become an affiliate marketer without having a motive to make money-good money! Affiliate marketing is not about charity work; it is about working for a commission.

The other thing is that no one wants to make small profits all the time. Any new affiliate will be excited to see he is earning even though it is a small commission. However, if the commission does increase after a while or even after more input, an affiliate may begin losing hope.

However, not all niches are profitable. On the other hand, some products take too long to sell. That is why you need to research on the most profitable niche(s) so that you don’t end up giving up.

Nevertheless, I will give you a piece of advice. Imagine going for a niche you have zero interest in? What do you think will happen after a while and you may be the one who will be writing reviews for your affiliate marketing site?

passive income frustratedDo you think passive income is enough reason to motivate you to write every day? I do not think so. That’s why you need a niche that you will be comfortable writing on even when the site is making little (no) profit. Remember, once you set up that site, you will be writing reviews for as long as it is there.

Write Excellent Content But Remain Truthful

Don’t just think about earning money through affiliate marketing. Think about your clients. I have seen people say that all they want is to make more money through their online businesses. But I will tell you something.

If all you want is to make passive income, you will compromise on the quality of your content and the next thing you should expect is losing customers.

That, too, comes with some consequences; losing the money, you were chasing. So, if you want to enjoy your income for long, provide excellent content.

Let your product reviews be free of plagiarism, grammatical issues, and false information. Yes, don’t lie so as your clients can buy your products. You would rather tell them the truth so that they make sober decisions.

Actually, such affiliates exist. There is one affiliate marketer who is known for genuinely reviewing products without caring if clients will buy the products or not. I mean, even if he is an affiliate marketer, he seeks to provide his clients with true information instead of false details.

I bet you think he has few followers due to his sincerity. No, he has many followers.

See, what Neil Patel says about him.

Sincerity in affiliate marketing image

So, if Marques Browlee who is a tech reviewer has made it while being sincere with his audience, definitely, you too can make it.

Offer high-Quality Products

It is not all about quality content. No, there is much more than that. For instance, you need to consider your affiliate links. Do they relate to the products you are promoting, or you are trying to connect two things that do not have anything common in them?

Again, you know that no one is seeking to spend their hard earned money on poor quality products. Again, a frustrated customer can write a very negative review for you which will make other clients think that you are a con.

Before you can clear the air and re-brand your company, it may take quite a considerable time, or it may never happen.

Now, you may have heard that for you to earn good passive income through affiliate marketing; you must promote expensive products. That is true. But again, not all expensive products are of high quality.

Some companies over-price things.  And… that is not professional!

The thing is; do proper research and know more about the product. If you can buy it, great! Go ahead and buy. That way, you will give a genuine review of the product and promote it confidently knowing that you understand it well.

On the other hand, you will be in a position to answer clients’ questions about the product and of course that will come with an advantage; buyers will trust you.

There’s another pro, yet. Buyers will want to buy through your affiliate link since they know you are genuine, you offer high-quality products, and can give them the right advice whenever they need it. That’s fantastic, right?

Promote Products With High Customer Reviews

This is very crucial for any serious affiliate. Check on the reviews because if a product doesn’t have good reviews, it may not sell fast. At least a review of 4.0 and above is good.

Amazon passive income

In fact, I normally look at the exact percentage to be sure which product is good because 4.5 is too general to know the exact reviews the product has. On the other hand, 89% is more specific. I would recommend you do the same.

The screenshot below shows you where exactly to find that. You just hover the mouse on the review section and the details will pop up.

In the screenshot below, you can see the exact percentage which is 72%. We could not see that in the 1st image.

Amazon Affiliate Passive Income

Nevertheless even as you consider the reviews, remember people are blessed differently in matters financial ability. It would, therefore, be wise if you balance things. I mean, promote both expensive and cheap products so that you can have all customers on board.

Why You Should Not Think About Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is not for everyone. You are definitely wondering if you heard me right. The truth is; you did!


A few things may make you unfit for this online business:

You Want To Start Earning Instantly

Now, there is something I have seen in most people who are starting online businesses to either make a living through passive income or writing content for clients.

Most of them want to start making money immediately they are through with the training. Some want to start earning before the training is over. Yes, it is possible but such mentality should be trampled on. Forever!

Why? Businesses, whether online or offline needs some considerable time before you can start making good money from them.

For example, there is no way you will become an affiliate marketer today and tomorrow you expect to earn thousands. It will take some considerable time.

Actually, you need to think of around 6 months to one year before you can see some good money from affiliate marketing.

You Do Not Want To Spend A Penny On It

Every business needs some capital to get started. This one is no different. You will need to invest in it as well.

Yes, it is free to join affiliate sites, but no one will write content for you without charging you not unless you write for yourself.

On the other hand, if you know how to write the content, that is good, but you will need an internet connection and a computer to start working.

Plus, if you will be using a blog/website, you will definitely need some capital for domain and hosting. That is why I said you will need to invest in this business before you think of making any passive income.

Unwilling To Promote Quality Products

Don’t be too selfish as some have a habit of doing. I mean, some people never have their clients in mind when selling products. They don’t want to give quality products.

Quality product passive income

You see, it is okay to want to earn a lot from each product you market. That is quite okay. I would also want to have the same.

Nevertheless, if the product you are selling is giving you a high commission but is of poor quality, it will either make your business come to a sudden stop or generate little profits if any.

Such profit may come from those who know nothing about your products, and once they know about them, they will definitely look for the “exit route.”

You Are Not Creative

Oh yes, every affiliate (except those who try to make money fast) will try their best to sell the best products available. That being the case, you may find that all the other affiliates are promoting the same products you want to promote. I mean, competition is high and very stiff.

Does that mean you should not promote those products? No, not at all. Does it mean that you should go for poor quality products because no one is promoting them? Never!

What that mean is that you should be very creative by offering discounts once in a while so that people buy your products.

Passion And Persistence Are Not In Your DNA

If you are one who gives up so easily, don’t try affiliate marketing. I think I have been one person who can really give up so fast and easily-but I have changed. Actually, were it not that I was at my end point when I was starting the online business, I would have given up one month after the training.

But trust me, I had to persist.

I had to try again and again. I had to make it work for me, and sure enough after six weeks, it did.

In the same case, you must be persistent in affiliate marketing if you really want to increase your earnings through passive income. You don’t give up that easily and expect to earn awesomely. See, it takes a while to have your site rank.

Also, before people know you and trust your products, it will definitely take a couple of months or years.

Again, you must have a passion for the niche you go for. That is the only way you keep going even when things become tough. Only passion can keep you going for almost one year of doing affiliate marketing without earning.

But the good thing is that there are those who started it and made some good passive income several months into it. I believe it depends on how well you do it.

You Are Lazy

You may still make some passive income by just seating and watching or sleeping all day, but you will definitely make little profit.

Lazy affiliate marketingThe bills that you need to settle at the end of each month cannot allow you to have a peaceful rest all day.


Though there will be income, it may be too little to cater for all your bills. You, therefore, need to apply the right strategies which will definitely cost you a lot of time.

Previously, I said it is not easy, but it is possible to make passive income even while you are sleep. This is because there’s no way you are going to earn any commission without making any sales.

On the other hand, there is (little) no commission if you do not have good traffic.

So, there’s no way you are going to spend all day sleeping.

No, you’ll be busy figuring out how to lead traffic to your affiliate site as well as make more sales each day. Plus, you need to do detailed research before you settle on the right product to promote.

The other thing to remember is that making passive income through affiliate marketing doesn’t just happen in one day or a couple of weeks.

It actually takes some considerable time depending on how well you are able to generate traffic on your site and convince people to buy your products.

You Have No Time For Your Audience

If you only got time to post content on your site but not to respond to questions that your audience asks, then you definitely need not waste your time on this. You see, once people buy a product, they may encounter some difficulties with using the product.

They’ll, of course, seek advice from the site they purchased products from. They will want clarification and the like.

They may also need repair or change of product. Whom do you think they will reach out to? Of course, it is you. What do you think happens if they only ask questions and there is nobody to answer them yet the website gets updated with content every now and then?

They will think you are ignoring them or you are a scammer and the like. In return, they will leave negative reviews. At the end of it all, you will lose. See, it is not only about passive income; there is more to that.

The other thing you need to know is that if people get help from you, they will believe that you know and understand the products you are promoting and they will want to buy from you and not any other affiliate.


Affiliate marketing is not as hard as some think; neither is it for lazy people. The fact that you can comfortably make passive income through it doesn’t mean there is nothing you are required to do.

If you are sure you want to earn handsomely from this online venture, give it your best, be patient and apply the right tactics and you’ll definitely see its great rewards.









Make Money Blogging: Start a Self-hosted WordPress Blog in 2022

Are you looking for a beginner’s guide on how to start a self-hosted WordPress blog and make money blogging in 2019? Here’s an incredible step by step guide to help you start a blog and make money blogging. Using this guide, you can comfortably create a blog that will make your life turn around through great earnings if you do it as guided here.

I have realized that many writers have a passion to earn more. So, they opt to start a self-hosted WordPress blog to make money blogging. But how many bloggers make money blogging? Is it all about creating a blog and assuming that all is said and done? No! There are many things bloggers need to do before they can start to make money blogging. Such include optimizing the blog, optimizing the content, and marketing products and services to get a commission (affiliate marketing) among others.

This article will help you to create a blog, create content and optimize it, and guide you on how to make money blogging. Before I take you through on how to start a self-hosted WordPress blog to make money blogging, there are a few questions you need to answer to determine if you are ready for a blog:

In The Actual Sense, Do You Need a Blog and Do You Have Time to Blog?

You have read stories of many successful bloggers who make money blogging; some making up to six figures per month, and you’ve decided to start a blog, but in the actual sense, do you need a blog? There are so many things you need to put into consideration before you can decide to make money blogging by creating a blog.

start a self-hosted wordpress blog

One thing you need to consider is your passion for writing. Can you spend hours writing content? Well, if you have no passion for writing, can you hire a great writer to write quality content for you regularly so that you can make money blogging?

If none of the above favors you, then you need to dump the idea of creating a blog as soon as now! Why? Even if your only purpose of having a blog is to market your services and goods, you need content to describe your product, explain how to use it, and the like. Again, if you are hiring a writer, you need to know what quality content is all about so that you will be in a position to identify if the content your writer is producing is quality or poor.

Also, you need to update your blog regularly. So, whether you are to do it all by yourself or to hire a writer, you must ensure that your blog is updated periodically. How often? At least once a week would be fine but if you can do more than that, then the better especially if your blog is new. You can even create a calendar for your blogging so that you will not miss blogging if you really want to make money blogging.

Avoid this one mistake I see bloggers doing; failing to update the blog with content. And if they do, the content is poor and very short. Take your time and write informative, long content so that it can be as detailed as possible.

One thing that some bloggers will not tell you is that blogging is time-consuming. Once you have started it, you need to work hard and sacrifice a lot of time to update it.

Did we say you need to blog regularly? Yes!

That means there are things you will have to lay down if they are unnecessarily consuming much of your time. Use that time to write, publish and update your blog. That’s not all. If your blog has some traffic, and several people are leaving comments and asking questions, you’ll need to set time to respond to those comments.

In short, you can’t make money blogging if you don’t have time for the blog even if you are able to produce great content. However, if you’ve time to blog, and have a passion for writing great content or can hire a qualified writer, then you qualify to start a blog and make money blogging.

Which Niche Do You Want to Blog About?

Now that you want to make money blogging, what are you going to blog about? To adequately answer this question, you could try to answer this one; how many bloggers do you see publishing content daily? How many of them attract traffic? By answering these questions, you will know that not all content is useful however informative it may be. And not all informative content may be helpful to your readers.

With that, you need to do a lot of research to determine the various blog types that bloggers make money blogging? Get to know if you can blog in the same niche they blog about. Don’t stop there, consider if you have unique points in that niche so that you beat them and rank in Google search engine.

Consider if you have solutions for people in the niche you want to blog about. If you can’t solve people’s problems, and if people can’t get the information they need on your blog, then, there is no need to start a self-hosted WordPress blog.

Take it this way; a doctor report to his office every morning wearing his white coat fully armed with every tool he needs to take care of all his patients. However, when a patient explains his miseries, the doctor has no idea on how to go about it. He can barely treat the patient or advice the patient on the right medicine to take. And if he prescribes the drug for the patient, he prescribes the wrong medication. What do you think will happen by the end of the day?

Patients will look for other clinics to get treatment, and sooner than you think, that clinic will have to close its doors. In the same way, if your blog cannot give the right information and solve readers’ problems, nobody will take the time to revisit it.

You should also do enough research to know if the niche you want to dive into has many readers. Do people love reading articles on that niche?  Do those who blog in that line have many followers? If not, then, be sure, you may not be an exception. There is much to do and think about before you can finally decide to start a self-hosted WordPress blog.

Now, it’s time to come up with a good name for your blog.

Do You Have a Suitable Name for Your Self-hosted WordPress Blog?

I thought it would be easy to come up with a name for my blog until when I realized that all the names I wanted were not available. It took me more than thirty minutes to come up with a good name for my blog. So, how do you go about it especially when someone has taken the name you so dearly want?

Here are a few tips to help you;

Firstly, don’t use a name that is too complicated and difficult for people to remember. This is a mistake I had done when naming my free blog. I did not know it was complicated until one day someone told me the name is too long to remember.

Let your name be short and easy enough for somebody else to remember. Remember, you don’t want your visitors to have difficulty recalling the name of that excellent blog they had visited the previous day, right? Therefore, make it easy for the old and the young to remember the name of your site. And you’ll see how fast you can make money blogging once you start a self-hosted WordPress blog that has a simple name.

Secondly, let the name agree with the motive for starting your self-hosted WordPress blog. Since you now have a niche you want to blog about, come up with a name that relates to that niche. For example; if you want to blog about cooking recipes, your blog name should be something like; “The Ideal Recipes.”

However, it is crucial to note that we are in a race. Competition is the norm of every business. You, therefore, must look for a simple, easy to remember ,but also UNIQUE name.

What if you have no specific niche you want to blog about?

Why not use your name as your blog name? That too is a great idea. That is what I decided to do so that I could make money blogging on anything I wanted.

So, now that you have a name for your blog, you are now ready to start a blog and make money blogging.

Get a Web Hosting and Start a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

Now, when starting a blog, you need a name for your blog which we call a domain name. It should go for only $10 annually. You also need a web hosting that allows your blog to be visible online.

In the case of web hosting, the prices vary depending on the company you want to host your blog. I suggest you use Site Ground, Blue Host or HostGator. All these hosts are termed to be good, and they are quick to respond in case of any hosting issues. I use Site Ground since they are also affordable.

Also, I would recommend you use “.com” over” .ke,” “.Uk,” and the like. For example, I use mary-peter.com instead of mary-peter.ke for my self-hosted WordPress blog.

Now, choose the hosting you want. I will mainly focus on Site Ground since that is what I use.  If you are starting and need an individual hosting, I recommend you use the startup option.

web hosting for self-hosted wordpress blog

Next, click on “Get started” and choose a domain. Type the name you want in the space provided.

enter domain name for self-hosted wordpress blog

Once you type the domain name you need press enter key. They will notify you if the name is available or in use. If the domain is available, then you proceed to the next step, if it is not, they will give you some names that you can choose.

Domain names for a self-hosted wordpress blog

For example, in my case above I wanted my domain name to be “ProWriter,” but it was not available. Instead, they gave me three options, and I did not want either so I tried another domain name, “thesuperbwriters” which was available. So, if you still aren’t content with the options they are giving, type another domain until you get a name you feel comfortable using. Once you get a good name, scroll down to the purchase dialogue box.

I believe that your plan will still be selected for you.

Choose plan for a self-hosted wordpress blog

Just scroll down unless you want to change to another plan. Now, fill in the information in the “Purchase Information” dialogue box.

State the period of hosting you opt to use.

If you believe that SiteGround is the best web hosting service provider, you can go for the hosting price of 12, 24 or 36 months. For a start, I suggest 12 months.  However, if you are not sure if their hosting services are excellent, you can go for the “one month trial” option.

purchase information self-hosted wordpress blogNow, scroll down and enter payment information. Be sure to enter the right details so that you will not have trouble later.

Once you confirm that all the information you have given is okay, check the “I agree to the terms of service and privacy policy of site” box.  Finally (hoping you have enough amount in your account), click on pay now. Note, the total price indicated below is for the “one month trial” option.

payment details for a self-hosted wordpress blogIt is time to install WordPress. One good thing with Site Ground and some other web hosting service providers like HostGator is, you can ask them to install WordPress for you. They will do it in less than five minutes. You can also choose to follow one of the various ways of installing WordPress in the self-hosted WordPress blog. However, there is nothing complicated in installing a WordPress; you can do it by downloading the software and following the steps given.

Once you have successfully installed the WordPress, choose a design that you feel comfortable using. The design is what we refer to as a theme. I highly suggest you use the “Maskitto Light” theme if you are going for a free theme. Why “Maskitto Light” theme? It is easy, and a beginner can easily and comfortably use it.

No need to worry about the best theme you should use after you start a self-hosted WordPress blog. Just choose any that you think is okay. In case you don’t like it, you can always change it. Now, to choose a theme, login to your WordPress Adm., and enter your username or email, and your password. If you share your computer with nobody, you can check the, “Remember me” box to allow it to save your password.

However, computers get stolen, and the thief can have quick access to your site (God forbid) if you have saved the password. Therefore, it is important to enter your details each time you log in.

Move to the dashboard and hover over “Appearance” then click on “Themes.” Next, click on, “Add New.” As we have said, you can choose “Maskitto Light” theme or any other you wish. Now, click on, “Install.” After that, activate your theme by finally clicking on “Activate” button.

Great! You now have your self-hosted WordPress blog. You need to stand out from the crowd, right? Get down to customizing your site.

Get Your Blog Looking Good By Customizing It

It is time to customize your blog so that it looks professional and attractive, and also make it fit your needs. You will need to customize things like color, menus, the widgets, the site identity and the like.

You don’t have to be afraid, thinking you will mess up with the new WordPress blog, no. There’s a preview section on the right that allows you to see every change you make. Now, click on the primary category which is “Site identity.”

You need an identity, right?

You cannot escape that. Once you start a self-hosted WordPress blog, add a blog name. You can also choose a tagline. For example, I used “Mary Peter as my site name, and my tagline is, “The Blogger You Can Trust.” You should “save and publish” every new change you make to ensure you don’t lose the changes after logging out.

Optimize Your Site to Rank on Google Search Engine

Once you start a self-hosted WordPress blog, you need to let the world know. After all, you cannot make money blogging if people are not visiting your site.  Let them see the site so that they can visit the self-hosted WordPress blog. You do this by optimizing your website/blog. Bloggers make money blogging by optimizing their sites excellently.

You cannot optimize your site poorly and expect to earn from it. After optimizing your website, people will see your site, they will read your posts, and some will follow you while others will become daily visitors to your site. That sounds great. Okay!

At least you need to know how to create an “About me page,” “Home page,” and “Contact page,” when starting. You must know that it is not an easy thing to do, but you must do it once you start a self-hosted WordPress blog. Remember you are trying to get people to visit your site and not mine. I also work hard daily to make sure people read my blog posts and not yours. It is ridiculous, but it is the truth we can’t deny.

So, put enough effort into this optimizing part to emerge top on the search engine.

All thanks to “Yoast plugin” for making optimizing easy for you. If there’s a plugin that is essential, helpful, and friendly is “Yoast SEO.” It is one thing that has made blogging easy and enjoyable for me. Why? Yoast SEO analyzes your site/posts and shows you what you need to improve.

For example; Yoast SEO notifies you when you use passive voice in your blog posts. It also indicates what percentage you have used it, and you can further check which sentences contain the passive voice since it can highlight them. You can even know how many times you have used the keyword and if there’s a need to add or lower the keywords.

That’s awesome, right? Don’t miss the benefits. Download and install the Yoast SEO plugin and see how optimizing becomes so easy. So, how do you go about installing the Plugin? Once again, on the dashboard, move the mouse and hover over the plugin. Select “Add new” on the search bar. Search for “Yoast SEO” plugin and once you find it, install the plugin by clicking on the “install” button. Remember to activate it by clicking on the “Activate” button.

Are you worried that you don’t know how to use Yoast SEO plugin? Don’t worry; you will learn to use it to optimize your articles later in this post.

Once you have all your pages intact, it is time to add the engaging, well researched and original content.

Come Up With Incredible Topics

Now, this will also cost you plenty of time since you need to do a lot of research. You can’t start a blog and make money blogging on anything. No! Remember, we said that you must decide what to blog about before you start a self-hosted WordPress blog. It is now time to come up with a topic that will beat the new bloggers as well as the gurus.

After all, that’s how you get to rank on the Google search engine. You start by coming up with topics you can comfortably write about. One thing that has made it easy for me to get ideas/topics to blog about is the fact that I love learning new things.

Again, when I started blogging, I did not have much knowledge of what was expected of me so that I rank. So, the first thing I wanted to know is how to optimize my pages/sites for ranking. So, I got another topic to blog about; 9 Ways to Optimize Your Articles for Google In 2018.

I could practice everything I learned to be sure everything I wrote was correct and useful. You see, you make money blogging what you have learned and implemented. That’s how the whole process ends up being fun. Now, once you have created your content, ensure it is free of any grammatical errors. And in case you don’t know how to write and format your articles, this article will help you out.

Also, make sure there is no issue of plagiarism. Plagiarism can cause Google to penalize your site.

Avoid it at all cost. Format your piece so that it looks excellent and professional. Once you are comfortable with everything in the content, you need to publish it.

So, how do you go about publishing content on your blog and optimizing it?

Publishing Your First Content

First, log in as an administrator so that you can post your content.

Now, since you have just created a new blog and have not published any blog post, you need to know that there is a default post that you will find in the “posts” section. You don’t need it. Don’t feel guilty when deleting it.

Again, you don’t want it to be seen on your blog when you publish your new post on the self-hosted WordPress blog. Whoops! I didn’t know this when I created my free blog. Somebody had to tell me to delete it. The free blog was a stepping stone though.

It is time to publish your content.

On the dashboard, click on “Posts” and select “Add new.” On the Editor’s screen that appears, you can start by entering in the title in the space where you are instructed to enter the post title.

Add new post to make money bloggingMake sure the Keyword exist in the title so that your URL has a keyword too. I recommend you have the keyword in the first 3-5 words of your (SEO) title.

Copy the content you wrote in Microsoft Word and paste it in the editor’s screen. If you like typing directly on the editor’s screen, start typing.

Add content to make money blogging

It is crucial to note that images are a perfect way of conveying the information to people. Some people will read content because of the image they have seen attached to that content.

It’s, therefore, essential to add an excellent, charming image that is relevant to your content. How do you add a picture?

First, ensure that you have downloaded a good image. I prefer getting images from pixabay.com because they are smart and you can download whatever size you want. So, for free images, I suggest you get them from Pixabay.com.

When saving your image, I advise you give the image a file name that has a keyword. Why is it important to save it using the keyword? You see, the keyword helps Google to know what your image is all about thereby making ranking easy for you.

Now that you have the image, place the cursor where you want your image to appear. Avoid having the cursor at the start/top of your post. Why? If you add a featured image, your post will look horrible since featured images appear at the top of the post. Therefore, find a better place for your image and place the cursor there before you click on “Add media” button. After that, click on “Add Media” button.

Add media make money blogging

Next, click on “upload files” and select the image you need from your storage location. Then click ok. After uploading the image, on the right, you have some fields that are blank. You need to fill them; though not a must you fill all of them. But you should have a title for your image and an “Alt text.” So, ensure you fill these two fields if you don’t want to fill the others.

However, ensure you have the focus keyword in the “title” field and the “alt text” field. This way, you boost your ranking.

After filling these fields and any other you feel necessary, scroll down and center the image. Also, select “full size” option so that the image can fit well in the blog post.

Add media image make money bloggingNow, click on “Insert into post” button to apply the changes on the image and to insert it in the content.

You still need another image. This time around is a featured image. This is what you see appearing at the top of the post, or on some home pages. For example in my blog, my home page will show you all the featured images attached to the content.

Featured images make money bloggingHowever, in the case of a featured image, it is good to ensure that all photos are of the same size. Why is it vital to do so? If all your featured images are of the same size, they will look smart and organized. But if they are of different sizes, some will be larger while others will be smaller which doesn’t look professional.

So, decide on the size you will use and always crop all your images to that size. For example, I always crop my images to 643*428. Now, after you have decided on the right size for your featured images crop the image and save.

Go back to your post and click on, “ set featured image” option on your right hand side.

Featured image option make money bloggingThe same dialogue box we had when inserting the previous image  will pop-up. Follow the same procedure, but let the size be the one you have decided to use, not full size. You should now see the image on the right hand side like I have shown below.image featured make money bloggingLet’s get back to optimizing our post before we click on the “publish” button. How will you confirm if all things are well optimized? Yoast will always show you. If the color is green, that means you have done it well. Where the color is not green, it shows you need to make some amendment.

So, try as much as you can to have as many green lights as possible. It may be difficult to make everything green, but strive to have at least 80 percent green.

How do you achieve this?

First, scroll down until you see, “Yoast SEO Premium” then click on “Edit Snippet” so that you can now type your “SEO title” and the “slug.” The SEO Title is what you have on your post as the post title, and should be of a good length so that you can have the green light.

Next, write a short Meta description because having it too long will disable the green light, it should also not be too short. You can type until you have the green light.  A Meta description is what you see immediately after the title on the search engine. It comes directly after the title.

Meta descriptionIt explains what your post is about and it contributes a lot by persuading the reader to read the article. You see, if you can persuade many people to read the posts on your self-hosted WordPress blog, you will soon make money blogging.

Therefore, let the meta description be persuasive enough to win the attention of the readers thereby persuading them to click on your page. Your Meta description too should have a keyword. Remember you are optimizing to rank on the search engine. That is why you should include a keyword in the Meta description, the slug, the SEO title, and the image.

Remember not to have the passive voice, long sentences (more than 25 words), plagiarism, and grammatical errors.

By now, you should have at least 80% of green lights.Green lights make money bloggingHoping you have many green lights to boost your ranking, now click on “Preview” before you publish your content. This is vital since it helps to confirm that the blog post is okay since the way it looks in the preview is how it will be once you publish it.

If there are wide spaces between paragraphs, delete them.

If you are comfortable with everything, go ahead and click on the, “publish” button.

Congratulations, your first post is live! But how many people know you have a blog? Maybe your friends, but do they know you have published your first article? Again, once you start a self-hosted WordPress blog, your focus is not only on friends, but the whole world too. Otherwise, it would be difficult to make money blogging if you only wanted your friends to visit your website and not other people. So, what do you do next?

Share Your Blog on Social Media to Make Money Blogging

Once you start a self-hosted Word-press blog, you need to share your post with the world every time you publish an article. Share your post with as many people as you can mostly through Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter.

share article make money blogging

These are the most prioritized social media platforms. However, you are not limited; you can also share on Google+, Skype, and the like.

Now, you need to know how bloggers make money blogging. Why? Once you start a self-hosted Word-press blog, you don’t want always to spend time producing quality content that earns you nothing. Of course, you want to make money blogging, right?

Make Money Blogging by Monetizing Your Blog

After you start a self-hosted WordPress blog, publishing good content is just one step away from making money blogging especially if you are a great writer. Why? If you share your blog posts widely with the world, and if your content is quality, then, people will hire you to write content for them. However, that is just one way of making money through blogging.

What if you are not a writer, is it possible to start a blog and make money blogging?

Yes, it is!

You can start a self-hosted WordPress blog and make money blogging by selling various products and services. Also, bloggers make money blogging by selling advertising space.

Nevertheless, for a new blog, it is difficult to earn through selling advertising space. Why? People want to advertise in those blogs that are ranking. So, you need to work hard to make your site rank. This way, you will not have to look for advertisers; they will come looking for you to have space to advertise their products and services.

In this case, you will have the privilege of deciding how much you are going to charge them, right? This is why most bloggers make huge amount of money blogging once they start a self-hosted WordPress blog.

For a new blog, I recommend you start by creating an AdSense account so that Google will do the task of finding advertisers for you. Sign up for an ad sense account since it is free. However, your self-hosted WordPress blog must have several posts to qualify. Also, you must be through with setting up of the blog before you signup for an AdSense Google Account.

So, how do you earn from Ad sense? First, you need to know that advertisers pay Google to advertise with them. So, out of what advertisers pay Google, you earn 68% every time a visitor clicks on Ads on your self-hosted WordPress blog. The more the clicks, the higher the pay. Bloggers have many secrets that help them make make money blogging. This is just one of them.


Just as we have discussed, before you can start a self-hosted WordPress blog, be sure you have enough time for it. Be sure of what you want to blog about before you get started. Just like any other business, you need to give your blog time to grow/rank. Bloggers who make money blogging can affirm that it takes time before you can start earning awesomely through blogging.

Do you want to start a self-hosted WordPress blog and make money blogging but you don’t know how to write engaging blog posts? Blogging is what I love most, and I’m willing to help you create blog posts that will rank top on Google search engine.

Do you find it challenging to create a self-hosted blog and need help? Get in touch; we provide excellent web services. We shall build an excellent website/blog for you.

Penalized by Google: Google Will Penalize Your Website in 2018

Google will penalize your website

As you strive to have your site on the first pages, it’s crucial to note that Google will penalize your website if you don’t keep up with their guidelines. The consequences of being penalized by Google are painful. They include losing keyword ranking which of course results in loss of visibility in search engines. As a result, your traffic also goes down massively and your earnings too lower.

Google is pleased to have your site rank, but there is a concern on quality, quantity and the like. Therefore, don’t just toil to appear on the first pages, tread carefully so as not to be penalized by Google for violating their rules.

Recently, so many sites were penalized by Google leaving many site owners helpless, frustrated, and annoyed. You don’t have to say you never knew. Here are eight things you need to avoid like a plague.

  • Broken Links and 404 Errors

Google assumes that every website owner is responsible enough to keep updating his website regularly. That being said all content in your site requires to be updated. The links too should be up to date. Failure to this, your web visitors gets a 404 error and a broken link. As a result; Google automatically assumes you care not about your readers since you don’t update your site content and links.

The results? Google will penalize your website.

How do you remedy this? Keep an eye on Google console to identify any errors that Google has detected on your website. Don’t waste a minute if you find a few there. Correct each of them before it is too late to do so. Another simple way to avoid the 404 errors is by use of screaming frog. Enter the URL of your site, and it will give the status of each page of your website. If a 404 error is displayed, rectify it by either deleting that link, replacing it with another one, or identifying the cause, and amending it immediately.Google will penalize your websites


  • Duplicating Content

Google has one primary goal, to offer original and quality content to its users. You, therefore, have a role in keeping the content of your site unique as you also work on its quality. While many web users are aware of the consequences of plagiarism, many know not of the effects of content spinning.

Google is also harsh on those who are lazy enough to do research and want to rewrite content from other sites and twisting it to look unique.

The same axe that will deal with any plagiarized pages will also deal with any website that has spun content.

Is there is a remedy?  Yes, while sometimes you may be sure that your content is original, it is good, to use tools such as Copyscape, Turnitin, and CopyGator. If you are that web owner who hires content writers, to do the writing for you be sure to scan each page you receive from them.

  • Google will Penalize Slow Loading Page

A website that loads slowly is frustrating and annoying. Slow speed maybe as a result of too many advertisements, unoptimized images, slow web hosting, and the like. A page that takes more than 4 seconds to load is termed as slow. It is unfortunate that slow loading speed will deprive your site of potential visitors and lower your site ratings.

As a result, Google will penalize your website. After all, who want to take all the time waiting for a page to load while countless sites are loading fast? How do you avoid this? Some of the ways to remedy is adding a caching or using a CDN (Content Delivery Network).

  • Google Will Penalize Your Website for Stuffing Keywords

Keywords are crucial for content ranking but stuffing them gets you into trouble with Google. The fact is; if you stuff your content with keywords from the introduction to the conclusion just because you want to rank, you will lose your site. This will be another way of telling Google you have nothing to write about and that your content is poor. The result? Google will penalize your website.

The way to avoid stuffing is by ensuring you use less keyword for low word count and more keyword for high word count.

  • Poor Quality Content

As earlier stated, quality content also matters just like original content does; Google assumes that the more content your site offers, the more quality it is, and the more information it is providing.  Again, if your visitors can’t find enough of what they need, they will  leave your site and go to other websites for more findings, and details. This way; your rating gets poor, and Google will penalize your website.

You need to find more time to research on what you are writing about, ensure the information you are providing is true Then have it in your website. It is essential to note that if you are persistent in delivering quality content, your readers will become your daily followers and so are your web visitors.

Google too will uphold your hard work by ranking your site.

  • Misuse of H1 Tags

Well organized work is attractive, increases readability, and show professionalism; that is evident. H1 tag is one way of improving readability. Nevertheless, overusing H1 tags confuses Google, and the next thing is that your site gets penalized by Google.

In my other article, 9 Ways to Optimize Your Articles for Google In 2018, I stated that you must be careful and orderly when using header tags. If your work is quality, and you have done enough research but you fail to organize it appropriately, it will not look appealing to your readers.

Who wants to read such work? No one! Google too hates it. Keep it in mind that, if your page has more than H1 tag, Google will penalize your website.

  • Mobile Friendliness

With the introduction of mobile phones, many people prefer using them over computers. That is why, Google assumes that if your site is not mobile friendly, it is not valuable. Google, therefore, want all sites to be mobile friendly. People feel more comfortable carrying a mobile phone since it is lighter and smaller in size. Again, they can search whatever they want anywhere, anytime, anyplace on their mobile phones.

This is why Google will penalize your site if it is not mobile friendly. You can quickly run a test to determine if your site is mobile optimized and act accordingly.

  • Buying Links

Many believe it is alright to buy links as long as Google doesn’t know it. You may never think it is poisonous to buy a link until goggle penguins remove your site. As much as you want to rank fast, buying a link can be one suitable way of seeing your traffic drop tremendously within a concise time. For example, buying links of low authority sites like Bookmarks can mess you up.

This will be one way to prove that you are manipulating the Google search engine and rankings and Google will penalize your website. The same will apply to the exchange of links. It is risky to exchange links with other website owners so that they add your links to their sites and you add their links to your site. Google is smart enough to think you are trying to manipulate rankings.

Final Word

Over to you now, decide today to keep your website running and ranking 24/7 by ensuring you don’t make any of the mistakes discussed in this article. However, if in the past you have fallen into the trap of being penalized by Google, the time to correct the mess is now. There are many more reasons that can contribute to a penalty by Google; overlooking any of them is risky since Google will penalize your website.

Recovering from a Google penalty and its consequences may not be as easy as it sounds. Better you avoid it.

9 Ways to Optimize Your Articles for Google In 2018

Optimize Your Article for Google

Do you want to maximize your ranking? Optimize your articles for Google by adhering to the following technical specifications. Nevertheless, as much as the specifications below may be useful, you cannot ignore the fact that quality content matters.  Now, with the quality content, you can go ahead and optimize it to have a high number of visitors on your website.

And because many readers believe the webpage that appears on the first page of Google search contain quality content, they won’t search any further; they will click on what they see. So, you as a website owner should strive to at least have your web page on the first pages of Google search results. Of course, it is not easy, it needs time and commitment, but it is worth doing.

Again, it is not a one-time thing, every page you publish and want to rank, you must always optimize it.

Here are several things that you need to do to achieve that.

  1. Title

Your post title is what you readers see first before they get access to the entire article. The post title makes readers decide if to continue reading or not. It should, therefore, be appealing and should not have more than 66 characters.

However, though the title may be attractive, if it is not optimized it may never rank on Google. In my other article on Why Your Articles Are Not Ranking Number One On Google, I explained it is important to help Google know what your article is about by optimizing it. How do you do that? Make sure your focus keyword appears in the post title.

  1. Keyword

Do you find it difficult to come up with an appropriate keyword? Well, Google Trends will be of help. Choose a keyword you have not used previously in your website. Be unique, and no one will accuse you of duplicating content.

Don’t use it once and think it is all done; use it several times in your article. For example; you can have a keyword in the introduction, twice in the body (depending on the size of your article), in the subtitle, and in the conclusion. The higher the word count of your content, the more the opportunity to use your keyword severally.

Shorter articles need fewer keywords. Nevertheless, avoid stuffing your article. To optimize your articles for Google, you can decide to use several different keywords. For example, you can use three different keywords in one article.

Why is this effective and important? Two people typing on the search engine using two different keywords, which you have used will most probably land on your page.

Optimize Your Articles for Google

Otherwise, it is no harm to use one keyword. It is also crucial to note that long tail keywords are considered to rank better. What is a long-tail keyword? A keyword that has three to four words is termed as a long-tail.

Nevertheless, be sure not to fall into a terrible mistake I have seen many people make. Don’t just add the long tail keyword anywhere to optimize your articles, allow it to appear naturally in your content. Let it be relevant to the content.

  1. Meta Description

In the search engine, a Meta description appears below the title. Having a meta description that has 156-160 characters is considered appropriate. More than 160 characters will lower your rankings. Since the Meta description appears below the title, it should be charming yet relevant. Let it compel readers to click on your page to read more.

To enhance ranking, include your keyword in the meta description. It is essential to add a call to action to it. For example, in this article, the first two sentences make up a meta description which also has a call to action.

  1. Optimize the URL

Always optimize the URL of your page. By doing this, you will be providing a description to the search engines on what your page is all about hence Optimize Your Articles for Google. Now, to make it easy for your users to find your web content quickly, always include a relevant keyword in the URL.

For example, if you write articles on Optimizing WebPages, your URL should be; https://mywebsite.com/optimizing-WebPages/

  1. Image File names and Alt Tags

It is important to know that SEO rules apply even to images. Therefore, images on your site cannot rank if you do not use a file name and an alt tag that has a keyword. Use appropriate file names that describe the image. Never use “image005.jpg.” as a file name.

Use a relevant file name to optimize your articles for Google by adding a keyword to the alt attributes. For example, your image file name can be “Optimize your articles for Google.jpg.”

  1. Out Bounds links/External Links

Should you link your pages to other websites? Yes, it is essential. Why? Outbound links direct your readers to another website or web page, which optimizes and increases the number of readers on your site. However, you don’t just link to any webpage or website; you need to identify high-authority websites and link to them.

Again, too much of anything is poisonous; avoid adding too many outbound links. One or two high authority sites are okay. However, it depends on the word count of your article.

  1. Inbound Links

Do you want your readers to access other articles on your site? Here is a good chance to add inbound links to your article. Make sure you link to the most appropriate pages. If the information in the links is relevant and crucial to your readers, they will want to get more from your site. Once again, avoid adding too many inbound links.

  1. Share on Social Media

You need more readers on your website. Right? Inserting a sharing button on your pages is vital and helpful and will optimize your articles for Google. You see, the more the share, the more the world (readers) gets to know you, and the more the chances of getting high traffic on your website.

Make it your behavior, any time you publish new content, to click every sharing button you have on your page, especially on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. Encourage your friends to share the content, too, if they find it helpful.

  1. Header Tag

A header tag is very crucial. To optimize it, you need to have your keyword in the header tag. This way, when search engines crawl your site, they will consider the header and identify the keywords you have used as vital.

The header tag runs from H1, H2, and H3, to H6. However, you don’t just add the header tags anywhere. You’ve got to be orderly. That is, start with H1, H2, and H3, and follow that order till you are through with all the tags. You can read more on header tags here.

One more thing to remember, your headers should be readable. Again, avoid stuffing keywords.

Final Line

While it is very crucial to Optimize Your Articles for Google, many people don’t know how to do it. Don’t be a victim of publishing content that never ranks. Start by having a primary focus on always providing your readers and daily visitors with quality content all the time. However, the good thing is that once your readers realize your website has great content, they will become your regular followers.

And though it may take time to rank, eventually, you will make it if you consistently follow the strategies I have stated herein. Nothing discussed above is too complicated; it is all doable.

Apply it, and you will be glad you read this article.