Online Surveys that Pay Cash: Instantly Make Money Online

Do you need extra cash but don’t know how to get it? We got some help for you. Start doing online surveys that pay cash instantly. You have no skill nor knowledge on online surveys? No problem, we will take you through on how you can instantly make money online doing surveys.

It will be a dream come true when you discover these online surveys that can earn you money fast.  Yes, even if you’re a student or a mom at home, it’s possible to make extra bucks and turn your dream into a reality!

Nevertheless, you will need a computer or a smartphone. This way, you can instantly make money online by filling out online surveys in your spare time. Amazing!

I do not want to sound scammy, let me tell you how much you can earn through surveys. Many online surveys pay cash, and you could end up bagging anywhere from $0.05 to $50 per survey.

Several online strategies can earn for your cash in the long run. Nevertheless, they may take time to grow.

That’s not an issue though. You will still get a harvest from them. Nevertheless, it is vital to note that not all online surveys are legit.

So, which are some of the legitimate online surveys that can pay you cash?


Here Are Some Legit Online Surveys that Pay Cash

There are many paid survey sites that you’ll find today where you can earn money without leaving the comfort of your home. And just as we have mentioned earlier, some are legit while others are not.

Therefore, be careful when dealing with them. And if you want to know the legit ones, you are in the right place.

However, you need to remember that surveys are not a get rich scheme. They require patience and can take some time to complete.

Nevertheless, they are one of the easiest ways of making cash online. How? Through filling in simple surveys of new brands in the market, recipes or political opinions.

The good news is, a single survey can earn you between $0.05 up to $50. You can also receive an extra $3 bonus for signing up and a further $0.06 or so for referrals. That’s awesome. Isn’t it?

Trust me, even if you’re a student, a father who wants to make his home better, and a mum who want to make the lives of her children awesome; online surveys are a good deal.  Yes, even if you have a day job and have some extra time, you can still do online surveys.

Just be sure to go for the best choices out there.

But which are these awesome and legit choices? You want to know them? Don’t pause here, keep reading and we will explain them to you.

Now, you need to know that some online surveys will pay you to watch videos, try new products, or shop online. We have, therefore, used a certain criteria to vet online surveys that pay cash.

  • Track Record: With so many scams today, we only recommend sites that are trustworthy. How do we know them? We have checked if they have a positive track record.
  • Proven Record of Opportunities: What we have listed here are online surveys that pay cash with plenty of opportunities.
  • Those that pay: Time is money, and you deserve payment for your time. With the sites we’ve listed here you can instantly make money online doing surveys.

We have handpicked for you seven best online surveys that pay you cash and offer you a quick and easy way to earn some money instantly and increase your chances of making real bucks.

Let’s dive right in:


1.     Swagbucks (US Residents Only)

Swagbucks is our favorite pick, a reliable site that offers traditional surveys, an excellent way to make an additional income. The website is free to join and rewards you with points that can be cashed out through PayPal.

Besides they also give you $5 for just signing up. You can also redeem your points as gift cards on Amazon, Walmart or Nike.

Not only that, the site offers simple online polls, surveys, playing games and watching videos for money for approximately 10 minutes.

Additionally, you can use their web search tool to monetize your internet searches with special offers, daily targets to meet including being awarded prizes at random. See, your rewards will, therefore, add up quickly. Isn’t that true?

However, it is crucial to note that sometimes you may not qualify for a poll if you don’t meet the required criteria for that particular survey. Do you want to test this survey? Do you reside in the US? This is a good opportunity for you. Click link to sign up.


2.    My Survey (US Residents Only)

You‘ll be amazed by the versatility that My Survey site offers with their reward system and referral system too! The website provides a variety of topics to choose from that you can instantly make money from doing online Surveys.

With my My Survey, you can earn anything between 10 to 500 points which you can pay out as cash through PayPal. Click here to get started.


3.    Survey Junkie (US Residents Only)

Much like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie is a straightforward, transparent opinion poll platform that uses a point system to reward participants.

Survey Junkie is relatively easy and could earn you anywhere between 100-200 points with a payout threshold of 1000 points daily that equate to $10 paid out via PayPal. You can do as many online surveys as you can.

Do you want to give it a trial before you can conclude it is a scam? Great! Click here and see how things turns out.

You can also read on how to make money blogging.


4.    Vindale Research (US Residents Only)

This company has been in business for over ten years offering legit online surveys that pay cash. Unlike the previous sites we’ve mentioned like Swag bucks, Survey Junkie, and others, there’s no reward points system in Vindale Research.

Here, you instantly make money online doing surveys. The good thing is, it’s simple and straightforward. Most importantly, Vindale Research pays better than many online sites with $0.25 to $50 for each completed poll. You should be waiting longer to try it out? Not at all.

With a click, you will be a step away from making that cash you so badly need.

But note this, though it’s a high paying site, the surveys are more complex. Again, they may take time to complete even if you meet the demographic criteria.


5.    Inbox Dollars (US Residents Only)

Inbox Dollars is our other top pick online survey site that claims to have paid out over $57 million to users and pays cash instantly. All you need is to sign up for free and receive your first $5 signup bonus just like that.

You, therefore, don’t have to struggle any other day with putting something on your table each evening. Isn’t that incredible?

Inbox Dollars, Just like Vindale Research, works on a cash reward system saving you the hassle of converting points earned to cash.


6.    Earning Station (US Residents Only)

Earning Station is a straightforward site with a user-friendly dashboard that you can sign up and start making money instantly.

You only need to sign up with Earning Station. After that, you’ll get a chance to fill out and complete many surveys that match your profile and interests. Simple.

You see, this is an excellent way to pass your time and instantly make money online doing surveys. Whether you are waiting at the doctors’ office or on a banking queue, you can make money fast.

Online Surveys that Pay Cash Instantly

7.    Global Test Market (US Residents Only)

Featuring a tagline, “a rewarding experience,” Global Test Market is our top 7 site for online surveys that pay cash. They have paid out over $30 million, and you can be part of that share too.

However, you need to sign up. Thereafter, you can select the broad categories of surveys available ranging from household shopping, electronics, and restaurants to motorcars.

Once you’ve earned your points, you can payout in the form of gift cards, or pay out as cash via PayPal.

Do you feel you need more of this? Okay. Here are a couple of other legitimate online survey sites that are worth mentioning and pay Cash instantly.

  • Ipsos I-Say panel
  • Pinecone Research
  • Opinion Outpost
  • Toluna
  • Cash Crate
  • Panel PayDay
  • My Points
  • Harris Poll Online
  • Valued Opinions


Bottom Line

There are many ways to earn money online.  However, the easiest and the fastest way is to venture into online surveys that pay cash.

Depending on how successful you are, you can make a lot of money in your spare time. You don’t need all the skill in the world.  With little skill you have, you are ripe for the online surveys.

Yes, even with no investment you can instantly make money online doing surveys.

Therefore, don’t just sit and watch others fill their pockets with cash, you can also do something. Decide today to venture into surveys and you will be glad you made that decision.

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