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How To Withdraw Money from Paypal to M-Pesa in One Minute(Updated)!

John is a freelance writer in Kenya. He recently got paid via PayPal. And though he’s delighted about working online and getting paid for his writing efforts, his excitement is short-lived. Why? Because he’s clueless on how to withdraw money from PayPal to his M-Pesa wallet. Are you facing a similar situation like John? Perhaps … Read more

Social Media: Proven Ways To Make Money Through Your Social Networks

Do you spend much time on social media until you feel so horrible due to lost time? Worry not. You can make money via social media as you enjoy yourself. Since 2009, individuals and companies worldwide make money every day on social sites. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, but with patience, the conversion … Read more

How Do I Get Noticed On Upwork? Buy More Connects!

You have an excellent profile. Superb skills, but no jobs yet. You wonder, “How do I get noticed on Upwork?” First, are you bidding! Days when Upwork used to give 60 free connects are gone and forgotten. Today, you have to buy connects. At least, for a new account, they will give you 20 free … Read more

Which Online Business Can I Do As A Student?

Being a student is quite expensive and stressful. You’re probably one of those accumulating student debt and thinking about how they’ll clear it?  On the other hand, you want to live comfortably in school without making your parents sell the earth so as to afford your allowances, right? Sadly, the allowance they give you isn’t … Read more

404 Error: How To Fix It Before Google Deals With You!

Every site, including mine, has once in a while encountered a 404 error. It is dreadful, yes, but at times it is in unavoidable. You don’t know what this error is all about? No need worry. Let me explain so that we can be on the same page. Anytime you mistype the URL of a … Read more

Affiliate Marketing: The Amazing Way to Make Passive Income

Disclaimer: There are some affiliate links we added on this affiliate marketing article. Buying a product using on any of them makes us earn cash (commission) from Amazon. My greatest desire as a freelance writer is to continuously make money regardless of being asleep or awake. I mean; I want to make money when I’m … Read more

How Can a Student Start an Online Business?

I remember joining the university in 2016; my family could only pay for my school fee and accommodation; everything else was a privilege every time I received it.   So, I started several businesses to relieve my mother’s pressure on financing me. Some failed, some succeeded. I know the pinch, so today I’m sharing this article … Read more

How to Monetize a Website: 9 Simple and Proven Ways to Earn Online

Do you have a website that earns you nothing? Or maybe, it is earning too little that you have no hope in it? Well, you need to know that you can earn way above 6 figures through that site. It is possible and EASY. Plus, they are achievable! Not only that, these ways are tested … Read more

PayPal to Equity: 11 Easy Steps to Withdrawing Your Money (In Just 3 Days!)

Picture this: You’ve just received your first paycheck via PayPal. You are so ecstatic to see the dollars on your screen. And you can’t wait to spend your money. But there’s one thing you may be forgetting: do you know how to withdraw money from PayPal to your Equity Bank account? Though PayPal offers a … Read more

High-Quality Backlinks: How To Turn Your Content Into Backlinks

Let’s start here: What are backlinks? Any links from other websites to your site are called backlinks. You may also call them inbound or external links. Backlink, just as the name implies, is having another website link back to your site. But why will anyone want to link back to your site? People will backlink … Read more