Comprehensive Online Article Writing Course

Article Writing Course

Is it worth joining my comprehensive article writing course?

Well, I know that there are many trainers you can pay so that they can train you. Actually, some of them have been in this industry way long before I even knew about freelance writing. But why, then did I venture into online training?

Here are some of the reasons.

The Struggles

My struggles taught me what no one had taught me. In the process, I became better than some of those who were ahead of me, either in the freelance writing course or in online writing jobs.  How did I know this?
The comments I saw on the posts I made on Facebook groups such as Awesome Transcribers in Kenya (a group owned and administered by my trainer, Walter) made me realize that I had helpful information that could help others.

After those posts, I could receive inboxes from people asking me to offer mentorship services, advice, or training to them. But was I ripe for this?

Definitely not. So, I sent them to my mentor so that they could receive training.

However, after a year, I was able to create a course that was not so good compared to the comprehensive article writing course I am offering now.

In fact, I have revised this course three times now, and I must say this is the best online article writing course you can ever do.

Financial Strains

Well, I had real financial strains before starting freelance writing. My mentor published my story on his website. Maybe you should read it. You will know that I have come from far!

These strains made me realize that there are so many people who are struggling financially and cannot afford to pay for a comprehensive article writing course. And as a result, every day remains a struggling day. The results?

They lose hope, kill themselves, or venture into illegal businesses to make quick cash.

I wanted to help such people.

Yes, I still do even now.

In fact, sometimes I wish I could train a whole community, those who didn’t make it to advance in education due to financial issues, the orphans, the less fortunate, the disabled, and the like.

But….some people won’t even understand why you want to help them.

They will think you have some evil intentions. So, I decided only to help individuals.

I started by offering a free freelance writing course to a few people whom I thought needed it most but had no money. Nonetheless, I realized that most of those people were not serious. They could not do the homework. That’s why I resolved to be giving offers once in a while.

During this time, I charge $30 instead of $40. But why do I charge that much when giving offers?

Simple. From my story, you can see that I’m literate. I was even an Information Tcehnology tutor at one point. However, the need to access the training made me do manual jobs to ensure that I got enough cash for bundles and training fees.

I, therefore, believe that any willing person will do any job to earn some cash which they can use to pay for the comprehensive article writing course.

Isn’t that so?

Demand by the Public

As I have said previously in this post, many people could contact me so as to join my training or mentorship classes. With time, I was able to revise my course and make it better. How was I able to know what needed to be corrected?

You see, one comment from your client should tell you what your course is lacking and what you need to do to make it better, right?

If, after receiving one complaint, you never act, then you should be ready to lay down your tools!

In a nutshell, the comments and the few complaints I received made me revise the course, and the results were a comprehensive article writing course.

What’s more?

Over time, I have realized that some people take longer to understand written concepts. Others read but do not grasp all the content. They’ll, therefore, miss several things. In return, they will not perform as they should; thus, they take longer to do the training.

So, what did I do?

I started using apps such as Team Viewer and Any desk to connect computers so as to help trainees in cases where they are stuck. However, most of the trainees had internet issues, and connecting became difficult.

I, therefore, decided to create a YouTube channel, in which I could upload complex lessons once in a while.

One good thing is that a video offers a step by step guide which helps you to understand better.

However, videos are only available for complex lessons.

Now, do you agree that it is a comprehensive article writing course?

Maybe you should check out what some of the past trainees say to determine if it’s worth paying for it or not.

Course Duration

Well, I would be wrong if I say it takes 3 or 7 weeks.

Let me explain.

You see, this is an online course that you do when you are free.

You may be a mother with a small child or a gentleman who is working from 8-5.

That means, at times, as a mother, you will have to attend to the child(ren) almost the whole day and have only a few hours to rest. On the other hand, if you are working from 8-5, you may feel tired and unable to do the homework on arriving home.

As a result, it may not be possible to do homework every day.

Consequently, you may end up taking more than three weeks.

Nonetheless, I usually say that the training should take 3 to 7 weeks.

“Is it worth doing a comprehensive article writing course online?” You ask. Definitely, it is.

And yes, it is doable.

See, I was also trained online. I have made it. Also, I have trained people from Zambia, India, and many others from Kenya. So, yes, it is worth doing it and it is possible to do it and make it-just as we and others have!

So, what do you get from this course?

Course Outline

Chapter 1: Writing and Formatting Guidelines

Chapter 2: Selling Article(s)

Chapter 3: Publishing Content

Chapter 4: Product Reviews

Chapter 5: Freelance websites

Chapter 6: Creating a self-hosted WordPress blog-optional

So, how do you access this comprehensive article writing course?


You just send sh. 4000 ($40) to my Mpesa number (+254722751996) then send me a text on Facebook messenger to confirm the payment.

Alternatively, you can contact me through this site.

You may also use my Facebook group to contact me.

After I receive the text, I will tell you what is next.

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