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Table of Contents Domain Ranking FactorsAge Of DomainKeyword In Your SubdomainLength Of DomainKeyword In Your DomainDomain HistoryTLD (Top Level Domain) Extension Google Algorithm Ranking FactorsUser Browsing HistoryQuery Deserves Freshness (QDF)DMCA ComplaintsRich AnswerQuery Deserves Diversity (QDD)Trending StoriesOn-Page Level Ranking FactorsContentKeywordQualityContent lengthKeyword in Title tagMeta DescriptionKeyword in H tagsTF-IDF (Term Frequency-Invert Document Frequency)Table of contentsSpeed of pageOptimization […]

Table of Contents Creating a Free WordPress Website Account on WordPress.comSelect The Type of website You Want To CreateChoose Your Blog Niche and NameGive Your Blog An AddressConfirm Your Email AddressUpdating Your HomepageAdd A TaglineAdding Pages on Your Free WordPress WebsiteDesigning Your WebsiteCustomizeThemesConnect The Website With Your Social AccountsAdding The Sharing ButtonAdding Posts on Your […]

Table of Contents PayPalProsCons Skrill Pros ConsPayoneer ProsCons TransferwisePros ConsWorld RemitPros Cons Wrapping Up Modes of Online payment Figure it out: you’ve landed on a client. It is your first encounter. You set the terms of your engagement. To ensure you keep the client, you dedicate all your energy and wit in delivering pure gold.The […]

Table of Contents #Register to the Service#Use Your PayPal Account and Email Address to Log In #Link Your PayPal and M-Pesa Accounts#Enter Confirmation Code#Withdraw Money#Verify the WithdrawalImportant To Know….Conclusion John is a freelance writer in Kenya. He recently got paid via PayPal. And though he’s delighted about working online and getting paid for his writing […]

Table of Contents #Visit the Equity Bank Self-Service Portal to Register#Verify Your Private Details#Create a Solid Password#Terms And Conditions – Read And Accept!#Enter the OTP (One-Time Password)#Registration Successful. Please Login!#Link Your Equity Bank and PayPal Account#Once Again, Enter OTP and Verify Account#Link Existing Account#Grant PayPal Full Authorization#Congratulations! Withdrawing Your Money Is Now EasierConclusion Picture this: […]

Table of Contents Simple Proven Ways to Monetize a WebsiteAffiliate MarketingPay Per ClickSelling ProductsFlipping Website(s)Earn Online By Providing Consultation ServicesSelling Advertising SpaceRequest DonationsMonetize A Website By Offering Online CoursesLet Quality Be The King In Your WebsiteGenerate Leads For WebsiteThe Parting Point Do you have a website that earns you nothing? Or maybe, it is earning […]

Table of Contents But What Really Is A Hashtag And Why Should You Use It?  How Does A Hashtag Benefit Your Posts? Increases The Visibility Of Your PostsGet The Right Audience On BoardHelps Keep In Touch With Clients And Offer Better ServicesBut Remember…Don’t Use More Than EnoughAlways Keep On Checking  On The TrendYou Can Create […]

Table of Contents Where Does A 404 Error Comes From?How Do You Fix a 404 Error?Refresh The PageCorrect The Address (If It Is Incorrect)Change The DNS ServerDelete CacheCheck If The Site Is UpChange The Hosting CompanyOver To you Every site, including mine, has once in a while encountered a 404 error. It is dreadful, yes, […]

Table of Contents Is Backlinking Crucial?How Do You Differentiate The High Quality From The Poor Quality Backlinks? Avoid Short Cuts:They Will Harm YouWhat Is The Difference Between The Black And White Hat SEO?So, How Do You Turn Your Content Into Quality Backlinks?Provide Pure GoldBuild RelationshipsCreate An InfographicDo A Detailed ResearchGuest PostBe A Regular ContributorWrite Testimonials […]