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Would you love to become an affiliate and earn a commission?

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All you need to do is tell others about our Comprehensive Article Writing Course.

Anyone who joins the course through your affiliate link will earn you a 10% commission. Think about it, if 2 or 3 trainees join our course, you earn yourself $6 (sh. 600) or $9 (sh. 900) respectively.

That’s pretty much, right?

You cannot earn a commission when you join the course using your affiliate link. Commissions are paid immediately after the person has joined the course.

This is only applicable when you recommend our services to others, and they successfully enroll for the training.

We have the right to make changes to the affiliate program whenever a need arises. For instance, we can increase or lower the rates at any time.

Nonetheless, you will be notified of such changes one month (30 days) before they take place.

Cancellation of Affiliate Application (Terms and Conditions Apply)

There are instances when we may terminate your Affiliate Application and consequently withhold your commission(s):

1. Spamming people with messages or calls to persuade them to join our course: Anyone has the right to decide if they are to join the course or not, without anyone pushing them. Therefore, you NEVER push people to the wall so that you can earn a commission.

Nonetheless, following up with them after a while to know if they enrolled is totally encouraged. Just don’t overdo things!

2. Affiliate using deceptive measures: For example, telling people that you have done our course yet you have never enrolled. Or telling people, you are part of the training team while you are not!

This course is offered by an individual (writer.marypeter). And, she is the one who does all the marking of all articles. So, let there be no such deceptive measures.

3. Using sexual explicit content: This is not acceptable whatsoever.

4. Using abusive language against other trainers: Negatively speaking about other trainers even when you have previously (not) enrolled for their course is not acceptable. We have no intentions of pulling others down, so don’t take that route when promoting us!

How Can You Promote Us?

There is no best way of marketing us as long as you do not violate the terms and Conditions.

You can, therefore, use any of the following methods:

  • Write content and add your affiliate link
  • Talk about us though Youtube channels
  • Shout our course in your social media pages
  • And, any other way that is not spammy

Finally, we wish to notify you that we can cancel this agreement at any time. If the affiliate termination is due to violation of our Terms and Conditions, you will lose all the commission.

If, however, there were no cases of violations, then you will receive your commission.

We will give no prior notification or warning when cancelling the termination if it is as a result of violations of our terms and conditions.

You, too, may wish to terminate the affiliate agreement. You should do so by sending us an email so that we can pull down your name from the list of our affiliates.